About Us

Key’s Jewelry is a third generation, family owned and operated jewelry store that has been in business since 1951. 
Key’s was opened originally by Vernie L. and Ruby Key. Key’s Jewelry opened on the third floor of what is known in Canton as the Galt building. The business started with one showcase and Vernie’s workbench, where he did watch and clock repair. Vernie was able to move into a shop on the ground floor of the Galt building in the mid 50’s. In 1956 a local bank building became available and Vernie and Ruby bought the building and remodeled it for their jewelry store. They opened in their new and our current location in mid 1957.
Vernie’s grandson and current owner Doug, came into the store after  high school graduation in 1974 and has worked at Key’s Jewelry ever since. In 1979 Doug’s dad Marion bought the store. He had worked periodically for Vernie, but had never worked full time. Doug worked with his dad until he bought the store in July of 1998, at which time his wife Judy joined him in running the store. Doug and Judy remodeled the store inside and out just after purchasing it. The remodeling job reopened an upstairs balcony, which most people of Doug’s generation did not even know existed.

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